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Trade - pop

"Trade" is first purely pop album! An upbeat collection of diverse sounds and flavors. Made up words, worms, friends, being attentive and flowing on the sea are some of the topics covered in this unique collection.

Chord Currents - instrumental

"Chord Currents" is our first all acoustic recording which comes from years of trying to capture the beauty of water soundscapes in our shows, and is performed on charango and ronroco.

Hammock in the Weeds - pop/folk

"Hammock in the Weeds" celebrates the outdoors, human relationships, and general happiness. This recording features 11 acoustic pop/alternative songs including "Hammock Song", "Driftwood", and "Beachcomber". As usual, our music features many non-traditional instruments and the harmonies of Gwynne and Stephen.

The Red Bag

The Red Bag by Zun ZunThe Red Bag is the first in a series of musical nonverbal movies that aim to entertain young people, while also covering important environmental issues, in particular about water. Each movie highlights musical sounds from around the world, created by and preformed by the musical duo ZunZun. The movies are nonverbal so that they can be shown anywhere in the world. The philosophy of these movies is to allow for various interpretations, so that any messages, environmental or otherwise, are arrived at by the audience themselves. Accompanying each movie will be a series of questions for educators to use with their students to illicit unique interpretations of the movie.

(Length: 7 minutes 45 seconds.)

DVDs are $7 each;
Special Rates for Bulk Orders
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Presented by: Raindancer Media, ZunZun, Three Americas, and Earth Links, Inc.

Water Song - kids/family music

A world beat flavored collection of songs about water. Topics include watersheds, water conservation, storm-drain runoff and ocean and river habitat. This is a compilation CD from previous recordings with 6 new songs. Perfect for water educators. Special rates for bulk orders.

Beachcomber - kids/family music

ZunZun's new CD "Beachcomber" continues their commitment in celebrating the environments and cultures of the Americas through music. Our relationship to the watery world is the underlying theme of the album with songs like "Rain Music", "Rio Rodando", "Watershed" and "Precious Water". Other topics include recycling (Basura Batucada) "Slow Pokes" and "Buffalos".

As always, ZunZun performs on a variety of instruments (over twenty-five) including mbira, ukulele, berim bau, euphonium and Amazonian bird whistles, in a variety of musical styles such as Cumbia, Samba, funk, chakarera and ballad. This is an eclectic collection of sixteen all original humorous, melodic and dancelable tunes in English, Spanish and Portuguese. We hope all members of the family will enjoy!

ZunZun's "Beachcomber" is a fun, eclectic mix of instruments and musical styles with such titles as "Slowpoke", "Precious Water" "Chicken Scratch" and "Coconut Head". Songs are in English, Spanish and Portuguese and will be enjoyable for all ages.

Sea Land & Sky - kids/family music

Sea Land and Sky is a lively and melodic recording intended for the whole family to enjoy. All originals songs celebrate the outdoor world with a unique blend of instruments from around the world. Sung in Spanish, Portuguese, each song has a different musical style ranging from bluegrass to salsa to Andean.

Flabbergasted - kids/family music

Zunzun's premiere CD. Winner of the Children's Music Web Award for "Best Classic Multilingual Album". The album is geared for young people and the young at heart, with songs about the environments of the Americas and other themes as performed on the many instruments of the Americas which ZunZun uses in their live shows. So FUN, Oh! yes. You and your kids will love it!

Chuchumbe - Latin fusion

Dance tunes, originals and classic songs of the Americas in Spanish and English come together in an exciting musical compilation. A combination of polished ensemble work and the vivacity of a live sound make this CD exciting for all ages. Performed by Chuchumbé, our 5 piece ensemble.

  1. El Pescador
  2. El Sol
  3. Dewitt
  4. Pescador
  5. Crow's Nest
  6. Farley
  7. Botas de Abuelo
  8. Chuchumbe  [mp3] [real]
  9. Cuarto de Tula
  10. Grandma Time
  11. Thinking of You
  12. Auqui Auqui
 No longer available

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